5 Eyeliner Tips and Tricks Every Woman MUST Know!

5 Eyeliner Tips and Tricks Every Woman Must Know!

By TPM senior beauty editor Erin Schweinsberg



1. A popular technique called “tightlining” can enhance your eyeliner to give a darker, more dramatic look! “Tightlining” is when you use your eyeliner pencil to line the UPPER water lash line, a small adjustment to your usual eyeliner routine that makes a big difference! Use this technique to make a bold eyeliner statement; it will also make your lashes appear thicker and fuller!


2. Use a beige or nude eyeliner on the bottom water lash line to make your eyes appear bigger! This trick also helps you look more awake, and it works perfectly for those wanting a more natural, clean makeup look.


3. Afraid of having an uneven winged liquid liner? This trick may help you become more confident when applying it! Pencil eyeliner is more forgiving and easier to control, yet, most of us desire the sleek look of liquid eyeliner. My tip here is to incorporate the two. First, apply the pencil eyeliner to your eyelid, once you’re satisfied with the eyeliner shape and wings, trace it with your liquid liner to achieve those sharp, clean, straight wings you’ve been wanting!


4. Does your eyeliner wear off quickly throughout the day? Here’s a tip to help it stay a little longer! Not only can you wear an eyeshadow primer, but you can also set your eyeliner pencil with a matching eyeshadow powder on top! Powders naturally help to set makeup, so this technique will increase the life of your eyeliner, whilst also making the color more intense. First apply your eyeliner pencil to your eyelid, then, using the matching shade of eyeshadow, gently sweep the eyeshadow powder across the pencil liner to set it!


5. Create your own custom eyeliner by using a wet eyeliner brush and an eyeshadow! Use the wet brush to sweep the eyeshadow on like a liner, wetting the brush will darken the pigments so that the eyeshadow color will appear more like a liner than an eyeshadow. An easy way to create a new eyeliner look in seconds!

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