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Alessandro Michele of Gucci has found a new muse for the Spring 2017 collection. Jayde Fish is an illustrator based in North Beach, California that has been drawing since the moment she could hold a pencil. We had the chance to chat with Jayde Fish and find the inspirations behind her collaboration with Gucci.


Amy: Tell us a little about your background… Where were you born and where are you from?

Jayde: I was born and raised in Stockton, California and I’ve been living in San Francisco
for the last 12 years. I moved to SF to study Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University, and now I live and work with my husband and a cat in North Beach.

Amy: How did you get into illustrating?

Jayde: I had an art teacher throughout my childhood who was extremely influential. She would teach us art history while we worked, sometimes tell us ghost stories; she
also taught us how to meditate with a paintbrush. Also, I remember going out to eat at
restaurants with my dad where there would be a paper tablecloth. I loved this because it
meant we could draw labyrinths and mazes all over the table. Drawing has always been a
positive outlet for me, something that makes me feel calm and focused.

Amy: What is the inspiration behind your illustrations?

Jayde: Vintage textiles, engravings, and science books have been a big source of inspiration. I love natural history and sciences. In fact, I majored in Biology during my first
years of college. John James Audubon and Ernst Haeckel are artists I admire in this
realm. Also, Renaissance painters such as Hieronymus Bosch and surrealists such as Dali
are big influences. Gucci, in particular, was a huge inspiration because I love the narrative
that the clothes tell. There are so much emotion and metaphor; it’s impossible not to feel something.

Amy: How long have you been illustrating for?

Jayde: I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, but professionally for six years.

Amy: How did Alessandro Michele, from Gucci, find you?

Jayde: I had been working on my tarot series, which was inspired by Gucci’s new designs when Alessandro found me on Instagram. I had been hashtagging #AlessandroMichele,
respectfully, as my source of inspiration and it just so happened that he was paying attention. I’m so grateful that Michele took the time to look at my work.


Amy: How was it working with Alessandro?

Jayde: Alessandro is such a warm and thoughtful person. Working with everyone at Gucci has been like a dream come true.

Amy: How many illustrations did you contribute to the Gucci Spring 2017 collection?

Jayde: I contributed seventeen illustrations. However, it is still to be revealed which ones
will be used in the complete collection and how.

Amy: How did you feel seeing your illustrations on the runway?

Jayde: Fortunate and emotional. It was amazing It all seemed to happen in an instant. I  had never been to a runway show before either, so I was over the moon with ex citement.

Amy: Did you ever think that your design would be featured in a show, especially a Gucci show?

Jayde: I thought that the odds were very small, but it’s been a dream of mine to get into the fashion industry. I felt a connection with Gucci, as crazy as that sounds. The clothes inspired me to create. It turned out to be a wonderful connection.


Amy: What was your favorite Gucci runway outfit from the Spring 2017 collection?

Jayde: That’s a tough question, as there was so much eye candy… I’d say my favorite “everyday” outfit would be the first look. I love the mix of masculine and feminine with a pink check blazer and subtly embroidered pants. The accessories were divine. The cardigan with my upside-down monkey embroidered on the back is another big time favorite. The 2 in 1 platform shoe was a genius. I can’t wait to slip a pair of
those on.

Amy: What’s next for you?

Jayde: I’d like to continue taking on new challenges. I have my first solo show coming up on December 9th, 2017 at Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco, which I am currently finishing up. Following that, I have plans to take on some larger scale murals.

Make sure to check out Jayde’s IG (@mrsjaydefish)
where you can get a closer look at her talent.

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